Façade Art News 2008

Marsel Loermans and Anton Spruit
Central Station, 26, 27 and 28 of September.

Raul Marroquin in Bogota

Traffic jam Arc de Triomphe
Souvenir de Paris 2001.
Courtesy Galeria entreArte Bogota, Colombia info@entrearte.net
Photo: Christopher Paschall 2008


Marsel Loermans at Museum Kasteel Wijchen

ArtCube gallery artist exhibits at home.

´Wish you were here´ is an exhibition of panoramic photographs of Marsel Loermans. Loermans was born in 1956 in Wijchen.

The photographs are taken on his long trips around the world. The title of the exhibition refers to the classic postcard text, but the images let you see something very different.

Museum Kasteel Wijchen
11 Juli - 9 September 2008


until 31 July 2008
Galerie van Cappellen: "Landscape and Architecture"
Capelle and den Ijseel, The Netherlands.
with paintings of Willem van der Hofstede and 6 other artists.


Backtrack into childhood
(Terugblik in kindertijd)

Exhibition of Ilse Versluijs in Galerie Ververs,
Hazenstraat 54, Amsterdam.
Open: thursday-saturday 12.00-17.30 hours and by appointment.

On view: transparent ballpoint drawings and blanket statues.
Looking back at childhood.
Remembering from the here and now: what do I add, what do forget?
Was it really this way – or does it matter?
Can I still feel the way I felt then?
Can I still be who I was then?

‘Dear little pill peppernut,
I never want to grow up.’
(Pippi Longstockings in Taka Tuka Land – Astrid Lindgren)