Sexagesima at Hoeksteen Live!
Marisa Polin interviews Marsel Loermans and Anton Spruit 26th of January 2008 at 23 hours.
Part I, (poor image quality!)
-Surf to Salto: and follow these steps; A2 or A1; stream on demand; zaterdag 26 januari 2008; 23.00 uur.
-Or surf to "De Hoeksteen live!": or

MPNW Marisa Polin New Work
AD Haagsche Courant (Newspaper of The Hague), 3 October 2007. In Dutch.
Text: Gijsbert Spierenburg. Photograph: Guus Schoonewille.
Wim Pijbes who opened the exhibition, the artist Marisa Polin and Rkia El Yazidi.

Het Financieele Dagblad, 29 september 2007. In Dutch.