Catalogues and Books

1614 Momentopnamen van nu
1614 portraits in one book.
Marsel Loermans /Anton Spruit, 2007.
Black and white.
Sold out.

Loermans, Spruit en Klopper, 2006.
No text, 48 color photo's of projections from 8 and 16mm photo projectors.
€ 10

Wish you were here
Marsel Loermans, 2005.
Wish you were here is the classic wish from a faraway place send in a postcard.
No text, 66 pages, full color.
€ 35

Marisa Polin, 2005-2007
Hardcover, 22x22 cm, 48 p, full color in English.
€ 45

Marisa Polin, 2006-2007.
Hardcover 22x22 cm, 42 p, full color, in English.
€ 45

ID igital
Marisa Polin, 2007
Digital (self)portraits. Hardcover 22x22 cm, 52 p, full color, in English.
€ 45

Marisa Polin, 2005
A catalogue made for the exhibitions at the
Dutch Central Bank and Emma Molina Gallery.
Catalogue in English, 40 pages and 37 color photographs, 21x21 cm.
Design by: graphic instinct.
ISBN 90-76768-42-0
Regular soft cover edition is available for €10

OgenBlik, limited edition
Marisa Polin, 2005
Limited (100) hard cover edition with a unique linen painting on the cover,
signed and in a frame/box is still available.
Measurements catalogue 21x21 cm, measurements frame/box 25.5x25.5x4.5 cm.
ISBN 90-76768-42-9
€ 200.

De Villa
Zuid-Hollandse Stripclub, 2006.
Erik Jan Ligvoet, Ingrid Mol, Stefanie Scholte, Quinten Smith, Ilse Versluijs.
In Dutch.
ISBN 90-810971-1-3
€ 10